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Microcontroller STEM KITS : Arduino Standard Kit

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Unleash your creative potential with the Arduino Stem Kit – designed specifically for budding STEM enthusiasts! Immerse yourself in the thrilling world of STEM education as students embark on a journey to create a variety of projects using this kit as their learning foundation. Enhance problem-solving abilities, spark innovative thinking, and guide students toward developing groundbreaking projects. Perfect for competition enthusiasts, this kit opens the door to endless opportunities!



  • 1x Arduino Uno + USB Cable                            
  • 1x Prototype moto shield + mini breadboard
  • 1x LED Display: 1x7 segment 
  • 1x LED Matrix 8x8
  • 1x LED Display: 4x7 segment
  • 1x IR Remote Control
  • 1x Infrared Receiver
  • 1x 5V Stepped Motor
  • 1x 9V Servor motor 
  • 1x 9V Battery 
  • 1x 9V Battery Snap with DC Plug
  • 1x Ultrasonic Sensor
  • 1x motor driver
  • 1x Potentiometer
  • 3x LDR Sensor
  • 1x IR Sensor
  • 1x IC555
  • 1x LCD1602 Display I2C
  • 1x Active Buzzer
  • 1x Large Breadboard
  • Tilt Switch
  • 10x Resistor 220Ohm
  • 10x Resistor 1KOhm
  • 10x Resistor 10KOhm
  • Transistor
  • 10x LED (Red/Green/Yellow)
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Motion Sensor
  • Soil Moisture Sensor
  • Push Button 
  • Tactile Switch
  • Jumper Wire( Female to Male & Male to Male)

Set Included

D.I.Y Arduino Kit- Standard